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The Western Arthurs are renowned for being one of Australia’s most beautiful mountain ranges as well as one of its most dangerous due to its treacherous rock climbing sections and full exposure to the wild weather coming off the Southern Ocean.

Situated in Tasmania’s Southwest National Park World Heritage Area, the trek to the Western Arthurs begins at Scott’s Peak Dam. A full traverse of the Western Arthur Range takes about a week, but many people, including myself, only venture as far as Lake Oberon and then turn around, avoiding the most dangerous and technically difficult rock climbing sections. Tasmania’s renowned wilderness photographer, Peter Dombrovskis, died on Mt. Hayes, the highest peak of the Western Arthur Range.

Lake Cygnus is the first notable camp site upon ascending Alpha Moraine up onto the range and, like the rest of the Western Arthur Range, it is photogenic in every direction. This shot is taken towards Tasmania’s Western Coast. The most beautiful rainstorm came on right at sunset, enhancing the wild mood of the Western Arthurs.

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