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Mt. Field National Park in southern Tasmania is about an hour northwest of Hobart and is much loved by locals and tourists alike. At the top of Mt. Field lies popular Lake Dobson and the alpine hiking tracks to the Tarn Shelf and Mt. Field West.


The track across the Tarn Shelf to Twilight Tarn is one of Mt. Field’s most popular alpine walks. The trail takes you past groves of fagus, snow gums and pencil pines as it winds its way around many small tarns before it descends to the buttongrass moorlands. This shot was taken on my way back from the Tarn Shelf.


Winter at Mt. Field can be stunningly beautiful, but like any alpine environment, it can also be very dangerous. High winds, heavy snow and thick clouds frequent Mt. Field’s peaks during winter. However, after it clears, a white, wind-sculpted, winter wonderland appears. I shot this photograph on an inhospitable winter day, when I had Mt. Field National Park all to myself. I love the artistic ice on this shrub’s branches because it was frozen sideways in the high winds that day, a token of Tasmania’s wild winter environment.



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