Manoj: Animist Finds No Power in His Religion but Finds Power in Jesus (India)

Manoj, India, Age 27   I was born September 27, 1976, into an Animistic (worshippers of nature, ancestral spirits, and many different gods) family in India. The superstitious beliefs of my family kept me blinded from the true living God. In our ignorance we venerated evil spirits and numerous gods. Our devotion went to the […]

Elijah: Persecuted Before Birth (Myanmar)

Elijah, Myanmar   Elijah* [*name has been changed for security purposes] faced persecution since he was in the womb. He grew up in a family of strong Buddhists in Myanmar. His grandfather was the local sorcerer.   He could cast spells on people, Elijah said. He could tell what was going to happen in the future. He […]

Suneetha: She Found Which God is The True God (India)

Suneetha, India, Age 20   I was born July 23, 1983, into a Hindu family in India. We resided in a place that was mostly inhabited by Muslims. As Hindus though, we practiced our religion faithfully. However, we were attracted by the Muslim culture and their monotheistic belief. In due course, our family embraced Islam […]