Thrisala: Orthodox Buddhist Healed by Jesus, The Living God (India)

Thrisala, India, Age 19   I was born into a Buddhist family in India. I observed the religious rituals from early childhood and practiced it regularly. Being an ardent worshipper of Buddha I visited temples and performed the norms of my religion. One day I became seriously ill and my parents took me to various […]

Anonymous: Polytheist’s Daughter Healed by Jesus

Anonymous, Asia, (personal information not listed for security reasons)   My father who was a witch doctor taught us to worship many gods and goddesses along with the god Buddha. But we were always peaceless and disheartened due to the problems and sickness that came upon us one after other. And for deliverance we invited […]

Anonymous: Zealous Buddhist Who Persecuted Christians Becomes a Christian (Sri Lanka)

Anonymous, Sri Lanka, (personal information not listed for security reasons)   I come from a Buddhist background and was deeply involved in the religious practices. But during my school years I observed a very strange happening. A student in a higher class was subject to ridicule and continuously taunted because he was a Christian. At […]

Anonymous: Faithful Buddhist Finds The Truth in Jesus Through Healing (Bhutan)

Male, Bhutan, Age 36, (Personal information not listed for security reasons)   I come from a Buddhist family. As was the custom of my religion I used to follow the so-called traditions faithfully. Growing up, I thought that my religion was the truth and all the others were meaningless.   In course of time my […]

Anonymous: A Desperate Cry to The Unknown Living God (Myanmar)

Anonymous, Myanmar (personal information not listed for security reasons)   I was born May 30, 1958, into a tribal family in Myanmar. I grew up worshipping the demon gods of my parents, but in 1976 when I joined the army; I became a Buddhist. Then following Buddhist rituals, I was good to people around me […]

Anonymous: Buddhist Pursues Peace and Happiness Through Nirvana but Finds it in Jesus

Anonymous, Asia, (personal information not listed for security reasons)   From early childhood I was trained to follow the rituals of Buddhism to perfection and once I inquired of a monk the ways to achieve nirvana (the state of perfect blessedness). The monk replied nirvana demanded nothing less than keeping the religious laws and good […]

Elijah: Persecuted Before Birth (Myanmar)

Elijah, Myanmar   Elijah* [*name has been changed for security purposes] faced persecution since he was in the womb. He grew up in a family of strong Buddhists in Myanmar. His grandfather was the local sorcerer.   He could cast spells on people, Elijah said. He could tell what was going to happen in the future. He […]