Singanahalli: A Hindu Paralytic Healed by Jesus (India)

Singanahalli, India, Age 29   I was born July 8, 1974, into a Hindu family in India. Following the tradition, I grew up worshipping idols, visiting temples and offering sacrifices. Then suddenly, one day, I was affected by paralysis of the legs. I became very weak and could not walk. During all those days, my […]

Anonymous: Faithful Buddhist Finds The Truth in Jesus Through Healing (Bhutan)

Male, Bhutan, Age 36, (Personal information not listed for security reasons)   I come from a Buddhist family. As was the custom of my religion I used to follow the so-called traditions faithfully. Growing up, I thought that my religion was the truth and all the others were meaningless.   In course of time my […]

Anonymous: Hindu Witchdoctors Cannot Heal, But Jesus Does (Nepal)

Anonymous, Nepal, (Personal information not listed for security reasons)   Being orthodox Hindus we worshipped idol gods and ancestors. We visited temples to offer sacrifices to appease them and we believed if we were not offering an animal sacrifice, the wrath would come upon us. So we did all the rituals and invited a witch […]