Suneetha: She Found Which God is The True God (India)

Suneetha, India, Age 20   I was born July 23, 1983, into a Hindu family in India. We resided in a place that was mostly inhabited by Muslims. As Hindus though, we practiced our religion faithfully. However, we were attracted by the Muslim culture and their monotheistic belief. In due course, our family embraced Islam […]

Anonymous: Hindu Sorcerer Redeemed by Jesus

Anonymous, Asia, (personal information not listed for security reasons)   I come from a family where my ancestors were sorcerers, so I too followed my father in observing Hindu rituals and practicing witchcraft. The money I earned in this manner I spent on liquor.   However the Lord was very gracious to me and redeemed […]

Singanahalli: A Hindu Paralytic Healed by Jesus (India)

Singanahalli, India, Age 29   I was born July 8, 1974, into a Hindu family in India. Following the tradition, I grew up worshipping idols, visiting temples and offering sacrifices. Then suddenly, one day, I was affected by paralysis of the legs. I became very weak and could not walk. During all those days, my […]

Jaya: Many Questions in My Mind About Religion, Healed by Jesus (India)

Jaya, India, Age 20   I was born August 12, 1989, into a Hindu family in Orissa, India. As a family, we used to worship the idols, perform various poojas (rituals) and celebrate festivals to appease them. In spite of my sincere devotion to our gods. I did not achieve serenity or contentment in my […]

Anonymous: Orthodox Brahmin Hindu Asks, “Who is The True God?” (India)

Anonymous, India   I was born and brought up from an orthodox Brahmin, Hindu family. I used to worship idols and images as other Hindus do. Nonetheless, I did not have any peace in my heart. In addition, I used to get severe headaches. Sometimes, it persisted for a long time and the pain was […]

Ganesh: Studied Hindu Searches for The Real God (India)

Ganesh, India, Age 27   I come from a Hindu family. It was my habit to study in detail the legends of Hinduism. I read the Hindu epics like Ramayah, Mahabaratha, and the Bhagavat Gita to find who was the real God. Since my religion taught about many gods and goddesses, I was confused in […]