Thrisala: Orthodox Buddhist Healed by Jesus, The Living God (India)

Thrisala, India, Age 19   I was born into a Buddhist family in India. I observed the religious rituals from early childhood and practiced it regularly. Being an ardent worshipper of Buddha I visited temples and performed the norms of my religion. One day I became seriously ill and my parents took me to various […]

Anonymous: A Desperate Cry to The Unknown Living God (Myanmar)

Anonymous, Myanmar (personal information not listed for security reasons)   I was born May 30, 1958, into a tribal family in Myanmar. I grew up worshipping the demon gods of my parents, but in 1976 when I joined the army; I became a Buddhist. Then following Buddhist rituals, I was good to people around me […]

Anonymous: Buddhist Pursues Peace and Happiness Through Nirvana but Finds it in Jesus

Anonymous, Asia, (personal information not listed for security reasons)   From early childhood I was trained to follow the rituals of Buddhism to perfection and once I inquired of a monk the ways to achieve nirvana (the state of perfect blessedness). The monk replied nirvana demanded nothing less than keeping the religious laws and good […]