Esther: Out of The Mouth of Babes (Australia)

Esther, Australia, Age 35   I had been brought up in a Christian home and had made a personal committment to Him at age 17, but I left home at 18 and backslid and got heavily into drugs and alcohol. I met my partner and fell pregnant with my 1st child at 21. During my […]

Annie: Saved from Suicide Through The Voice of God (Australia)

Annie, Australia, Age 63   I thank God that 34 yrs. ago God, whom I know now as the Lord Jesus Christ, touched me and answered my call, which changed my life completely by making me His disciple. By many merciful touches HE had been calling me to Himself, but I never heeded to His […]

Mike: Surprised by The Calling Power of God and His Realness (Australia)

Mike, Australia, Age 30   I semi-regularly went to a Baptist church with my Mum and my sister during my childhood (6 -12 years of age). My parents divorced when I was about five years old. My father didn’t attend church at this stage. Then during my teenage years (13 -18 years old) I attended […]

Ruth: Experiencing The Real Jesus Beyond The Religion (Australia)

Ruth, Australia, Age 36   I grew up in a strong Christian family with 3 sisters and 7 brothers. Every morning and evening we would sing, read the Bible and pray as a family. I believed in Jesus and that he had died on the cross for my sins. In as much as I understood, […]

Matt: Everything is Meaningless…Without God (Australia)

Matt, Australia, Age 35   I was raised a Catholic and as a child had a sense that God existed but fell away as a teenager as I found no life in the model of Christianity presented by the schools and churches I attended.   I drifted away from God and despaired of everything, thinking […]

Scott: Only Jesus Can Fill The Emptiness (Australia)

Scott, Australia, Age 38   I remember growing up with a fear of death and wondered what would happen to me after I died. I was sure there had to be more to life than just living, then dying. I think this is something God placed in my heart as a yearning for Him. I […]

Michael: Man Finds Jesus After 28 Years of Searching for God via Hinduism (Australia)

Michael, Australia Michael searched and studied Eastern religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, for 28 years in order to find peace, enlightenment and escape from the world’s evils. He eventually travelled to India to study meditation under a master guru. In time Michael became a guru and began leading transcendental meditation courses back in the […]

Brad: A Voice Underwater (Australia)

It took a near death experience for me to realise that their is a Higher Love watching me. In March 2013, when I was 17, a huge swell hit the area that I lived in and as a keen surfer that I am I went and surfed it.