Don’t Get Distracted – Right Panel – 3/3

Panel 3:


As I was sprinting, I looked to my right and saw a few people scurrying in and out of the grocery store. One guy was holding a newspaper above his head like an umbrella. To them, it was only a temporary downpour, and their biggest concern was not to get wet. All of these people were COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to the tornadoes and to the perilous life and death situation they were actually in. I was amazed that though these tornadoes were nearly upon us, none of these people seemed to see them at all! As I was sprinting for cover, I yelled out at the top of my voice, “Tornado! Tornado! Tornado!!!!” But the people did not seem to hear me because I was too far away and the storm was so loud.


In all honesty, it was pretty much too late for effectively warning people anyway. I only had time to scream at the few passersby in closest proximity to me. A sick feeling of dread overcame me as I thought about all of the people inside the grocery store and the connecting mall. They were completely oblivious to the tornadoes, which would soon be upon them. Within a few minutes all of them would be dead.


I felt absolutely horrible about the extremely precious time I’d wasted getting upset over the cars. That was valuable time I could have spent warning these people, and it may have saved many lives.


As I was sprinting to cover, I thought: Should I run into the grocery store to warn the people, or should I run and take cover myself?


Even though I debated, inwardly I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the storm was too imminently upon us now. There was no time left to go in and warn the people in the grocery store. Even if I did, none of us would have had enough time to escape anyway. We all would have died because there was not enough time to get to shelter.


(*In my dream, the only acceptable and safe place of refuge in my dream was our house, symbolic of God’s dwelling place. The mall would be destroyed). Though it was the most horrible feeling to leave all those people behind, instinctively, I knew I only had time to save myself……IF there was enough time to do even that.


I was literally running for my life.


Then I woke up.

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